Program 6

In this program, we examine the nature of the ongoing contentious debate over “reform” of the Immigration & Naturalization Act of 1965 that has raged for the past three decades. Powerful special interest groups have their own definitions of what “reform” means.

As we approach the 2016 presidential election, the battle among competing interests continues to rage. Farmers, manufacturers, unions, environmentalists, Hispanic organizations, unions, the Catholic Church, the high tech and hospitality industries – and many others – seem far from possible compromise on the issue.

Will the new President be able to make a difference?

Program 6 Transcript

Featured Interviewees:

Dr. Michael Teitelbaum
Vice Chairman U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform, 1990-1997
Senior Research Associate

Dr. Lindsay Lowell
Director of Research
U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform, 1990-1997

  • Director of Policy Studies for the Institute for the Study of International Migration at Georgetown University

Dr. Matthew Spalding
Vice President of American Studies
The Heritage Foundation 1994-2013

George Scalise
Semiconductor Industry Association, 1997-2010

Daryl Hatano
Former Vice President of Public Policy
Semiconductor Industry Association

Angelo Amador
Former Executive Director of Labor Division
U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Allan Overhiser
Overhiser Orchards – Est. 1863
Allegan County, Michigan

Sandy Boyd
Vice President, Human Resources of Policy
National Association of Manufacturers

Prof. Norman S. Matloff
Dept. of Computer Science
University of California, Davis

Stephen Moore
Economic & Public Policy Writer
Wall Street Journal

George J. Borjas
Professor of Economics & Social Policy
Kennedy School, Harvard University

Vernon M. Briggs, Jr.
Professor of Labor Economics
Cornell University

Susan Martin
Executive Director, U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform 1990-1997
Director, Institute for the Study of International Migration at Georgetown University