Program 4

In this program, we hear from local officials who every day face small challenges caused by a growing migrant population that has settled into full-time residents of the area. For example, issues faced by the police department are examined by a Hispanic patrolman and detective. We also hear from the director of a “diversity alliance” that has been on the scene for more than 20 years, helping the community cope with these challenges.

Program 4 Transcript

Featured Location:

Featured Interviewees:

Mark Knudsen
Director, 1997-2016
Ottawa County Planning Department

John A. Kruithoff
Police Chief, 1996-2008
Holland Police Dept.

Albino Rios
Holland Police Dept.

Joel Serna
T.A.C. Officer
Holland Police Dept.

Gail Harrison
Executive Director, 1996-Present
Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance

Sara Salguera Allen
Spanish Teacher
Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance

Laura Mousseau
Training & Development Coordinator
Ottawa County

Marcia Knol
Community Health Analyst
Ottawa County Health Department

Sara Fillman
Ottawa County Police Dept.