Program 3

In this program, we hear from national commentators who think “risk-taking” immigrants who come in large numbers are good for the country and its future economic well-being. But, in Holland, Michigan, we are introduced to the problems of immigration at “ground level” including hungry students who do poorly in school as a result – and then drop out at rates approaching 50 percent.

Program 3 Transcript

Featured Interviewees:

Mark Krikorian
Executive Director
Center for Immigration Studies

Roy H. Beck
Executive Director

Stephen Moore
Economic & Public Policy Writer
Wall Street Journal
Senior Economic Contributor for
Visiting Fellow, Project for Economic Growth, at The Heritage Foundation

William McGurn
Columnist, Wall Street Journal

Richard Lamm
Governor of Colorado, 1975-1987
Board Member of Federation for American Immigration Reform

Cecilia Muñoz
Vice President,
National Council of La Raza, 1989-2008
Assistant to the President of the United States

Brian Davis
School Superintendent Holland Public Schools

Geoffrey Legg
Technology Literacy Instructor
Holland Public Schools

Roberto Jara
Executive Director, 2007-2013
Latin Americans United for Progress
Destination Education

Dr. Steven Camarota
Director of Research
Center for Immigration Studies