Program 2

In this program, we hear experts with various viewpoints discuss the pros and cons of today’s heated national debate about immigration, especially the numbers of new immigrants who can soon become citizens and the impact they will have on our economy. We also become acquainted with immigration as it pertains to “small town America” located far from any national board.

Program 2 Transcript

Featured Location:

Featured Interviewees:

John Karsten
Town Crier
Dutch Immigrant – 1957

Phillip E. Van Eyl, Ph.D.
Holland Resident
Dutch Immigrant

Vicky Rich
Native of Holland Michigan

Craig Rich
Holland City Commissioner
City of Holland

Angelina Ann Halina Gonzales
Migrant Worker

Ignacio Ralla
Migrant Worker

Gail Harrison
Executive Director
Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance 1996-Present

Hao Huynh
Holland Businessman
Vietnamese Immigrant

Alfredo Gonzales
Hope College
Dean for International and Multicultural Education