NCSS Conference in Chicago

Waiting to meet teachers at NCSS conference in Chicago is the  great team that helped me launch EXPLORING IMMIGRATION AND THE AMERICAN DREAM, our school series of electronic learning modules (ELMs) today in Chicago @ the national conference of the National Council for Social Studies. To my left is senior content consultant Jeff Bush of Kent County Innovation High. To my right is Prof. Scott Roberts of CMU and Alexis Lecznar of Grosse Pointe Public Schools.

American Immigration, A brief History, 1945-1965 by Dr. John Pendleton

The late Dr. Pendleton, who holds a Ph.D. in history from the University of California, Santa Barbara, was commissioned two years ago by the Exploring Immigration Project to write this essay.  Feel free to use it in any way helpful to your development of our learning modules.  If you have notes to add to it, please be in touch with Dr. Colburn, Project Director.  It is available to any teacher for use in the classroom.

Most Likely to Succeed Documentary

“Most Likely To Succeed is a thought-provoking documentary feature film that reveals the growing shortcomings of conventional education methods in today’s innovative world. The film explores compelling new approaches that aim to revolutionize education as we know it, inspiring school communities to reimagine what students and teachers are capable of doing. ”


Deeper Learning Reel

Deeper Learning
From left to right, Jeff Bush (Facilitator – Kent Innovation High), Hayley Murugean (Student Affairs Director – High Tech High), George Colburn (President – Contemporary Learning Systems), Lindsey Haskin (Producer – Skyhound Media)

At the 6th annual Deeper Learning conference in San Diego recently, we learned how intense and broad-based this “movement” has become.  Jeff Bush, the creator of our Electronic Learning Modules (ELMs) on the subject of “Exploring Immigration & The American Dream” attended the conference for the first time along with George Colburn, the Director of the Immigration project for Contemporary Learning Systems.

During our visit, we took time to interview four leaders of the movement.  Now, we have the highlights of these interviews on a video reel that we want to share with others who believe that there is room for improvement in how students learn.  Feel free to download the reel and share with those you know who are interested in the subject.

Jeff, a Social Studies Facilitator at Kent Innovation High in Grand Rapids, noted the following after his three days at the conference:

There are educators that want to change the world.  There are educators that want to revolutionize what the classroom looks like – for the sake of their students, for the sake of their communities and for the sake of their own sense of personal and professional satisfaction in the classroom.”

Our goal is to offer “Deeper Learning” on the subject of Immigration through our package of seven video  programs and seven companion ELMs. No issue is more important to the future of America than the issue of immigration – and we will never be able to adopt fair laws and just  policies on this issue without a full understanding of the subject area.

We have classroom teachers examine the topic thoroughly through the subject areas of economics, history, sociology and civics.  We plan to have the complete package completed by the time of the annual conference of the National Council of Social Studies in Chicago in late November.  If you are attending, look for our presentation on the conference schedule and visit us at our exhibit area.

Be in touch with us at any time if you want more information.  All seven videos are available now, plus an early draft of the economics ELM.  To learn more about the “Deeper Learning Movement” view our video from the 6th Annual Deeper Learning Conference.